An appeal for innocence


Is it possible to become young again?

If yes, then I’d like that.

When I say young, I mean really young.

Young enough for people to smile when they see me,

Regardless of knowing me or not.

I want to be that age where people find the constant

need to protect me. 

I am done with truth and reality.

It was better when they hid stuff from me.

“Oh it’s just a small scratch.” or  else “He’s just a bit tired, that’s all.”

I’d really like to hear these words.

The power of comprehension is truly a curse.

Being able to gauge other peoples’ feelings.

Knowing that when they say one thing, they mean the other.

It was nice when I used to think that people functioned 

the way they were depicted in my pre-primary English textbooks.

Sense is futile without the power to bring change.

You are just left with an overbearing feeling of helplessness

while staring in the eye of the inevitable.

Ageing has its pluses for sure.

People listen to you. You can decide things for yourself. You are in control.

But beyond the tipping point,

you are just left with a lifetime of memories of having things your way

coupled with the strength of an infant.

That’s why I‘d like to go back in time.

I guess asking for the ability to age without degeneration is a bit too much.

So I’ll settle for going back to being a child as I near the tipping point.

Physically and emotionally.

So is it possible to become young again?

You know, times when my biggest fear was spelling the word “giraffe”. 

If yes, then I’d like that.


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