The Active Mush

By: Siddhaarth

We all know how busy and hectic our lives have become and technology hasn’t helped us ease that mental stress. Speaking from experience, I can definitely say that my brain is slowly turning into a fried mush, garnished with bits of parsley because that’s how you make food look fancy (granted this isn’t food but I think we all understand the pain). So what if I give you a few minutes of relaxation through this piece of writing that helps you relax your mind and turns your brain into a solid active bunch of muscle. 

Before you start reading this, I would ask you to close your eyes (metaphorically) and imagine the scenes and sounds in your head.  

A person just like you is sitting cross-legged on what looks like a sandy beach at the side of a lake. The sand seems to be copiously moist yet smooth enough to feel like it were water. The sun was just rising up from the darkness of doom to lighten up the mood of the scene. It lightens up the sand, lake, mountains and the sky up above the world so high (there aren’t any diamonds up above). The sandy shores were christened by the beauty of the seven colors which elevate the appearance of the shores. 

The feet of this person are blessed by the cold and chilly water of the lake that has completely transformed its look due to the sun’s light christening its surface. The lake turned from a shade of gloomy blue to sunny bright orange. It is not too deep and is about knee height for an average height individual, hence why there are a few teenagers swimming around in the lake with some of their mothers shouting at them to come out, due to fear of them catching a cold. While some other people are bending down and drinking the sweetest and cleanest holy water that resides in this lake, others are busy fishing on their boats.

This amazingly beautiful lake has a gigantic set of snow-clad mountains in the background. The snow on these mountains is so white that it almost seems like God had personally painted them by hand, using the best quality of white paint. The snow was really thick and bright. The sun had again worked its magic by adding shades of orange to the white snow making them look like someone had spilt orange juice onto a white piece of paper. 

The sky up above the world so high(that was void of diamonds. I don’t hold a grudge against the nursery rhyme. I swear) was originally dark and miserable as doom hit during the night but as the sun rose up from the ashes like a phoenix, the sky shone in the color of orange like someone had pointed a bright orange light to the sky. It was so orange that it almost felt like it was the sky that caused the brightening of the surroundings. 

Lastly, if you are super curious to know who is the person that gets to experience this serene environment  (I mean even if you were not curious, you’ll still get the answer), it is you, the reader. I hope you feel more calm and composed now.


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