A Letter To Harley Quinn

By: Anuraag and Niranjana Boby

My dearest Harley,

I know you won’t respond. I know you can’t respond. But that won’t stop me from pouring my heart out. It always felt that I was there with you at every step of your journey. Your struggles made me fret, your pains made me cry and your shenanigans made me cheer. There’s something very special about that, something very special about you. So, thank you. Thank you for coming to life in my mind, sometimes on paper and others on screen.

When I first met you, I went in blind, with no real idea of what to expect. What followed was the greatest emotional roller coaster of my life. You aren’t like other run-of-the-mill villains that we get to see every day. You are scrawny, boastful, lewd but never afraid to show people that you’re hurt. You chose mischief over annihilation, but that never stopped you from being one of the most powerful positive forces I’ve ever seen. You aren’t ashamed to admit your flaws, rather, you embrace them and push on. Despite being a nuisance, you’re probably among the most selfless people out there.

You fell in love and had your heart shattered again and again by your Puddin’. But you moved on, Harley. You realized the kind of twisted and unhealthy relationship you had been in for so long which now made you stronger than ever. Along came Ivy, who seamlessly weaned you off of Joker’s toxicity while delicately fostering the romantic undercurrents between the two of you. I genuinely believed you two had a deeper connection from your first scene together. Your camaraderie grew naturally and you both had your own cadence of conversation, something you and Mr. J never did. It’s nice for once to see a show portraying bisexuality as a norm that does not have to be explained away. There was never a moment where you two had to “come out,” but that never undermined your queerness. It just is the way it is.

Have a drink my lady, have a drink on me. For you’ve suffered enough…


A believer in your existence and a fan


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  1. This makes me wanna idk , I don’t have words to describe what I’m feeling. Just freaking great work 😭😭😭

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