By: Manaswini

What is life? Where did it all start? What is our purpose on this planet? These are some of the most random thoughts in my head. People have different theories on how we truly came to be who we are today. From Darwin’s theory of evolution to the story of how mankind emerged from two people – Adam and Eve.

The origin of life in itself is a supernatural event which is beyond the descriptive powers of science.

Figuring out how we came to be on this planet is like figuring out what comes first- chicken or egg? ( I still can’t answer that question to this day L)

The weirdest thing about evolution is that it doesn’t stop at any point in time. Our minds and bodies are ever evolving. However these changes or adaptations are so minute that we often don’t notice it till we search for it. The best part about evolution is our curiosity on trying to find how we came to be. I’ll tell you this though, we are definitely not the smartest creatures on the planet but our creativity or rather imagination is endless. Some of our most amazing theories on our existence come from superheroes or theories on gods. The best movie I think describes this most beautifully is LUCY. To those that haven’t watched this movie or even heard of it, a bit of spoilers ahead. Lucy is about this women who is able to use 100% of her brain. Humans generally use only 10% of total brain capacity. Dolphins use 20. Keeping all these scientific facts, all I am trying to say is that we’ve come a long way from the first human in Africa.

Coming to the third question from the most random thoughts in my head, what is truly our purpose of existence? People spend their whole life trying to define themselves as somebody. Most of us are trying to leave a mark on this world, to show the future that here we stand in our time trying to do something and it worked(for some people). For the people that we see in our textbooks and on the internet, they were able to do just  that. But is our purpose really just to do that.

If you ask me what our purpose of living is today, I would say we just exist. That’s it. No reasoning and explanation. Just like bacteria and so many other half living, living and non-living, we just exist.

To those trying to make their mark in this fleeting time of ours, go ahead but to those who don’t have clue on what’s happening in their life, just live your life. Just exist.


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