THEPC is an indispensable part of my four year journey in VIT. It has given me indelible memories and relationships that I’ll forever cherish. The club has been like a home and a sanctuary where I could always be myself. Having recently met up with my friends from the club, I felt like I had never left,  even after two years. I wish that the coming members find the same kind of connection with the people and THEPC as I did.

-Nikita, 2020 board

Every time I think about my college life, THEPC is one of the first things that pops up into my mind. The club has helped me grow so much as a person, met some amazing people here and has given me irreplacable memories of a lifetime. This club just never fails to make one feel warm. All the best to all the current and future members. Wish your journey is as memorable as mine was. Go THEPC!

Soumyata, 2020 board

I started THEPC as a complete back up just to see what it was about. It was the chillest club I’d ever been a part of. The work was little and the people were fun. A few months down the line when the new board was introduced, the relationships got deeper and I met some absolutely amazing people. Then we became the board and our juniors, very annoying at first, grew on us. Im happy to see the club has grown immensely in the past 2 years alone. 10 years is a long time for a club and I’m really excited to see what THEPC has to offer next

Sid, 2020

For me THEPC is Més que un club, more than a club; it’s a feeling. It’s the people. It’s the connections and bonding. THEPC became a safe haven for me amidst the chaos, that is, VIT. A place of warmth and comfort. THEPC was an experience that I’ll forever cherish as some of my best memories, and I genuinely hope the future generations can proudly say the same. Here’s to THEPC, cheers 🥂

Ashwin, 2020

What does THEPC mean to me? THEPC is a place which has made me go from incredible amounts of dedication and enthusiasm to feelings of disillusionment and “at the end of the day, it’s just a club” and then back to dedication and enthusiasm, all inside two days. It’s where I’ve made some of the best friends of my life, and also a place where I’ve lost some of the best friends I ever had. And, I’m grateful for both- the gain and the loss. It’s where I’ve received great amounts of love and respect, and also some amount of humiliation and hurt. Would I do it all over again knowing it ends the way it did? In a heartbeat.

-Aaditya, 2021

I joined THEPC with the purpose of creating media content for the club but I ended up having some of my best college memories there, having met some amazing people to vibe and work with. The ever-welcoming seniors at the time took us under their wing and made club work seem chill. The juniors that have come in after us have also shown their mettle and proven they are worthy members of this wonderful club. I will always consider this club as a safe space for everyone to express themselves and I hope it remains so for a very long time. Cheers to a wonderful 10 years and here’s to many more. Go THEPC!

‐ Arman, 2021

This club has given me so much warmth and kindness . I hope every coming generation of THEPC feels at home the way I did and grows to love it. All the memories and people will always hold a special place in my heart.I will always have a soft spot for the club and it’s people.Ten years of awesomeness with more to come!! GO THEPC!!

-Sneha Manohar, 2021

When I first joined THEPC, it was for the mind-bending creative writing exercises and borderline hysterical events they conducted. As it turns out, clubs are more than the sum of their events. In THEPC, I’ve found a place of family, freedom and fun, and I’m here for the ride.

Happy Birthday, THEPC.

-Aparajita, 2022

So far, THEPC has been the perfect club for me. Through THEPC I’ve been able to meet like minded people and have thoughtful discussions and the experiences have beencinvaluable to me. I also get to flex my creative muscles and express myself in a way I couldn’t before and it’s all thanks to this wonderful community.

-Swathy, 2022

It’s the tenth Anniversary of THEPC and I am so proud of how far it has come today. I am always smiling when I think about my THEPC days, the late night practices, fun trips , Career Conventions and much more! I got to tap into many of my interests and discover some cool things about myself as well. Most importantly, I bagged some friends for life through this club! So enjoy your time while you are here because this fun is what you will truly remember in the future. Happy Anniversary, THEPC fellas! ❤️-


With so many talented people around, it’s really tough to make a distinguished name for yourself in VIT. THEPC helped me do just that. In this club, i have come across people who are simply inspiring and goal driven. The events, meetings and fests that we did gave us a chance to grow together and learn from each other and this i believe is the treasure i will cherish the most. I hope for the best for this club and may it keep on producing amazing members as it has in the past. Go THEPC. ❤️

-Abhinav (Shrivastava)

THEPC was the first club I joined in VIT and I cherished and enjoyed all my time spent with it. I made friends for life and learnt several skills that I will use for the rest of my life. I’m glad to say that I’ve been a part of the club’s 10 year journey!


THEPC is one of the best clubs I have been a part of, not to mention the very obvious achievements and grand events we take credit for. THEPC is family. It is one club that showed me how seniors, juniors and peers of different branches can get along like one crazy group of friends. I met some of my best friends here and made memories that will stay with me for a lifetime. I am grateful to have been a part of and led this amazing club as the student head. Proud to be a part of this wonderful legacy.


I’ve had so much fun here and learned so much too. All the preparations for events, the night slips, and the practice sessions for fests were amazing.I joined THEPC in an unconventional way and now that I look back I’m so glad that I did.  I’ll treasure the memories and the lovely family it has given me forever.


Joining THEPC was a chance encounter, one that continues to stay with me. It was lots of learning and fun put together. Be it fests or our regular club work, my THEPC fam would be together and there was no limitation to learning. After all, we were a bunch of people who had come together to explore our better versions and that is what we precisely did.


To me, thepc is family. I’ve met so many people ever since I joined here and learnt many different things and I’m more than grateful to thepc for it. Our events, meets, friendship day stall, it all brought us together as a club and to be a witness to it was something that I’ll always cherish. Happy birthday thepc, thank you so much for the memories you’ve given us ❤️


THEPC is undoubtedly the coolest club and I’m just happy they let me write. I’ve never been judged for what ever I’ve written and that’s some kind of encouragement an artist needs. Met people like me and unlike me but all of them made me feel home all the same. Grateful, blessed, and lots of love for my THEPC people.

– Rithika Palvayi

THEPC is not your ordinary run of the mill generic club. This may sound cheesy as hell, but THEPC honestly has been more than just a club to me. It doesn’t really feel like an obligation that you have to keep up with just because you joined a creative writing club, it feels like a comfort, a place where you write not because you have to, but because you want to. You have an outlet to let your creative juices flow and the encouragement from likeminded individuals to not hold back. The enthusiasm, vigour and brotherhood found in this club reignites any passion you had for writing that you might have lost over the years as you were forced to grow up. The camaraderie you find here is like none other in VIT, and that alone makes it so worth it!

Here’s to another ten years of love, passion and creativity <3


Joining THEPC in my first year of college turned out to be way more special than I could’ve ever imagined it to be. It wasn’t just about meeting super cool people with similar interests, but it was also about appreciating art and understanding new perspectives, which really helped me grow as a person. THEPC gave me a sense of belonging, showered me with warmth and has shown me the different hues of friendship all throughout my journey here. The magic of THEPC lies in all of its amazing people, and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of this. Thank you for making this experience so beautiful. GO THEPC!



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