By: Anagha Vinay

You remember those mirror mazes which used to be impossible as a kid?

Everywhere you look, you see yourself, like you are a culprit of your own doings

You cannot escape yourself

Why do you have to?

Sometimes, we keep making mistakes, until they aren’t mistakes anymore

They emerge as the monster inside us

There is a monster inside all of us

Have you met yours?

They are scary, like you don’t know yourself anymore

They are your blistered emotions, groping in the abyss to be healed

If at an instance you let them out, they scream and wail for their liberty

And then what?

They leave you, they leave you in silence

And your ears ring in the silence that they have left

In the silence of the sick walls surrounding you, leaving it to you to tear them down.

You walk ahead, you walk alone, you walk in pain, you walk in the growing silence

It is not just silence

It is the lack of sound, the lack of music, and melody

You walk in solitude, great lengths, lost in great thoughts

Or rather, greatly lost in insignificant thoughts

The thoughts keep crashing like waves on the sea shore

The thoughts keep crashing like waves on the sea shore, reckless, relentless, ruthless

They are nothing but the passing time

Everything feels as transient as your footprints on the sand


And the waves keep receding as you walk ahead, and the waves keep receding as you walk ahead.


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