A Pastale ( Lore )

What I wanted from my life was to help humanity thrive and
become a more independent and war-free society but that was
the worst decision that I could ever take, helping these egoistical
and war-loving species is an irreversible mistake of mine. I am
Wlyde and this is my story and if you are reading this then our
plan miserably failed.
“WLYDE!!! Not you again with ‘Tempus Machina”, my boss
screamed. I don’t understand why he has to call a time machine
something so complex and difficult to pronounce.
“The machine is not ready to launch yet, so if you’ll keep your
mischievous hands off of it please.”, he ordered. “Yes, I know it
isn’t ready and all the risks about what all could go wrong blah
blah. Don’t worry I am not touching anything, ESPECIALLY not
this big red button”, I replied. “HA-ha, very funny, you should’ve
become a comedian instead of a scientist.”, I know he is very
satirical and grumpy. We at ‘The Last Corp’ were working on a
time machine so that we could go back in time to help the
previous civilization build better foundations for themselves and to
help them with the advancements in medicine and technology.
This was by far the longest and most expensive task we have
undertaken and the most awesome as well. The time machine
was yet to be completed but it had been loaded with all the
modern and most advanced tech stuff and was to be operated by
a single person( obviously me), because of all the single point and
big scientific stuff which I am pretty sure you all wouldn’t want to
hear about. My day-to-day life was very basic, all I had to do was
report to the company daily at 9 and work till my head exploded,

then go back home and rest so that I could do that all again the
next day.
But January 10th was unlike any other day, I was working till late
at night on the ‘Tempus Machina when I heard a screeching
sound from one of the cubicles, I whispered to myself and went
near to check on it.. but to my surprise, it was a stray cat who got
in god knows how, but that’s not the main event that happened,
the gates of the building opened, I was confused as who would
want to come at 3 AM, so I went to the lobby to check on it and it
was none other than my boss with several other people whom I
didn’t recognize. “Who are these people?”, I asked my boss, he
didn’t answer my question and went into the core of the lab, so I
followed him like an intrigued little child who just saw the making
of cotton candy. Then I asked again,” Who are these people? And
why are they here at this time?”. This time he looked at me in a
very displeased manner and was somewhat frightened,” You look
pale, what happened?”, I asked worriedly about why he was
looking like an off-white painted wall. The reply he gave wasn’t
the one I expected but was desperate to hear for a long period of
time,” The time to use ‘Tempus Machina’ has arrived Wlyde”, he
sounded somewhat apprehensive as if he didn’t want me to use
that machine. “Is everything okay?”, I questioned again. This time
one of the men in a grey coat replied,” Enough of these worthless
questions, jump in and start the machine”. My gut started feeling
upside down and something told me everything was going to go
haywire but i was so exhilarated to try this i ignored it all, i
should’ve listened to it then maybe I would’ve been better off. So I
went inside and started the machine, i looked out the hard window
just to see Mr. Gramee, downhearted as if i it was all going down
the drain. But it was too late to do anything the machine already

started its whirring motion and the destination was 17th century
England. Not the best era or the place.
Anyways the machine started and for a good 5 minutes all i could
see was just white stuff, bright enough to light up an entire
country. Then the next minute i was in the middle of a dense
forest, filled with mushrooms and chirping noises of insects and
birds. Technically middle of a nowhere with a wierd machine and
dressed totally like a stranger, i mean I was a skinny white dude
with blue eyes and ash grey hair. Wearing a white coat with and a
digital watch, i mean who in the right mind would be okay with all
this plus I don’t even know what kind of accent they speak here.
So i treaded forward, removed my wrist watch and kept it in my
lowers just secretive enough so that they don’t get sceptical about
me. I walked for a good 2-3 hours more than 7-8 miles through ft
this humid forest, thirsty and hungry like a bear who just ended
After walking for a few more miles i saw a village or a midstop,
more like an outpost for something. I went inside, they had a big
ass door to prevent entry. “Can you let me in?”, i shouted at top of
my lungs. The outpost guard replied,”Who art thou?”. Its good that
i read Shakespeare, i answered,”I am a travelling physician and i
want a place to shelter”. The guards conversed with each other
and then i heard a clank sound. The big door was slowly being
opened. I could see myself just lying in a ton of food and
swimming in litres of water as a daydream. As soon as the door
opened i was greeted by the chief of the outpost. He had a hefty
build and battle scares throughout his body. “Traveler, what
makes you come here?”, he asked in a coarse voice. “I am just a
roaming physician, travelling to offer my assistance to
whomsoever it may help. I have travelled from a far away land to

learn more”. The chief was skeptic of my look, and how i spoke in
a different accent then the rest.
After a lot of murmur amongst the crowd i was let in, settled in a
cottage made up of wood and hay with limited use of brick and
cement like materials. The food was delicious or maybe i was too
hungry to have notice properly. After my meal was done i was
once again visited by the village chief, but this time not to enquire
but for a formal introduction. “I shall be apologetic of my rudeness
Mr. physician-.”,i interrupted “Wlyde, Mr. Wlyde”. He was silent for
a moment and then continued, “yes.. Mr. Wlyde, such an
uncommon name, very well then i shall introduce myself too, i am
the chief of this village, Randos. And i welcome you, a physician
to my humble village. But something rather invoked my interest,
should i ask if its appropriate for you to answer?”. I replied with
affirmation, and he continued, “so how do you practice your
discipline as if you travel continuously?”. I couldn’t believe the
words that left his mouth, i was intrigued by how clever he was so
as to catch me of guard. “Yes that indeed is very tough to do so
but i am superbly lucky till now with the villages I visited as to they
were generous enough to help me with a small temporary shack
so that i could do my work and help it’s denizens”. I genuinely
didn’t think that this would work on such a clever man like
Randos, but to my surprise it did or maybe he was just witty
enough to fool me. But anyways the preparation for a temporary
shack was underway near where my time machine was stuck it
was well deep in the forest and it took loads of efforts and foolery
to make him buy that but it all paid off in the end. The shack was
made up of wood and hay as usual with just few lumps of
cementy substance here and there to hold things in place. It had
three rooms, one the main room/lobby for the patients to visit, one

room for me to sleep in and one where i would keep my stuff. The
third room was particularly enormous because of the hefty size of
the machinery and the amount of things i had in my possession.
Then slowly and steadily after the shack was completed i moved
all the machines from ‘tempus’ to the shack. I had to do it all in
night so that village folks would not take notice. The total time it
took to setup my ‘clinic’ was around 3-4 weeks.
People were at first very skeptical about me and only a handful of
people came at first, and it was kind of funny how there problems
were regarding headaches and sore feet, it was as if nobody
knew about cancer, tuberculosis or any similar problem. I asked
them about how they treated it earlier they said it was using
mushrooms and herbs or what not, disgusting!
So i asked about their problems wrote them on a tabloid and
requested them to come the next day to collect the medicine till i
worked it on my machine and its loud motors don’t give me away.
I thought they’ll just run away but they actually showed up the
next day to collect the medicine, i gave it to them and when they
asked me about the fee I usually would just ask for food or free
drinks or sometimes even clothes. They were especially very
happy about my fee, and then after a few days passed i could see
a line longer than a mile. I was all happy, scared and surprised as
how many people started to come see me and take my advice.
I continued doing this for a good amount of time, but on one
fateful day, when all people had left and i was just packing my day
up and dimming the lights to go and sleep, i heard a knock on the
entrance. “Who is there, i am closed right now. Come back
tomorrow”, i replied. “Its Randos and i would like to have a word
with you”, the voice on the other end replied. I was worried as why
the chief would come all the way in middle of a thick forest at this

time of night. I opened the door cautiously, it was very dark
outside and hardly anything was visible, i could just see Randos
standing there and no one else. So I opened the door to let him in
and ask what was wrong. But i was completely wrong. He came
up with a full platoon of warriors all armoured up and armed ready
to fight in a war.
The sight sent a chill down my spine, seeing so many fighters
outside my shack was something I wouldn’t be proud of. Before i
could say anything people started barging in into the lobby. And
they all had there eyes on me, the pressure was so high I couldn’t
lift a finger and was just standing there as a mannequin.
“I heard you are doing some stuff that shouldn’t be done? Is it true
Mr. Physician?”, Randos enquired. Nervously, i chuckled and
replied, “Whatever do you mean, Randos? What kind of stuff? I
just treat the patients and people that come from your town in
seek of help”. “Yea? With the tools and power of satan? And
rituals?”. Confused, “Satan? Rituals? What do you mean? I am
just a normal physician nothing more or less”. Randos agitating
withh each minute passing by, i could see it in his eyes he was
ready to destroy my shack with me in it. “One day, during this time
i came to your house, and i heard some heavy screaming sounds
and weird lights coming out of the window of the room in the back.
What would your excuse for all that?”. I screwed up, i didn’t check
properly before starting up my machines. “Its not what you think it
is Randos. Why would i require any help of satan or something of
the sorts? I just practice science. Its not related to anything that
you think it is”. “Sure, ‘science’ is it some new kind of wizardry?
Wizard.. we all trusted you and you did this? This is my village
and I won’t let you harm it in anyway.” Without wasting even a
second i grabbed my bag and zoomed out of the shack, towards

my time machine so that i could teleport back and tell everyone
about this. I reached it fairly easily this time because i knew the
way after moving all the stuff. I jumped in the time machine and
tried to start it but the engine was fried. At that point I understood
why my boss was displeased and sad during my departure. He
knew it would be a one time trip and I’ll be stuck here, as much as
i was disheartened and frightened, i was very much happy as how
my boss was worried about me. At that time it was just look about
finding all the positive things that happened with me. So, i just
stayed there in my machine and took out the tabloids i had in my
bag, and then starting etching on them waiting for my inevitable
As i wrote i saw light coming towards me and that was my last


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