Extra Terrestrial Terror

Six weeks ago, a tesseract appeared from a wormhole. It had been
orbiting earth ever since. Attempts of contact had not been fruitful. So
four weeks ago, they decided to take it to the next level. Seven weeks
ago, NASA detected a disturbance near Saturn. A nearby ISRO
satellite later confirmed that it was a wormhole that had mysteriously
opened. Many capsules were sent into the earth’s atmosphere. They
landed in different areas around the globe. These capsules were opaque
and seemed to be immovable from the landing site. Three weeks ago,
at 12:30 AM JST, all the capsules in Tokyo, Japan, the most populated
city in the world, opened. Creatures dubbed ‘the Death Walkers’ started
emerging from these capsules, attacking people, and destroying the
city. Within a span of 30 minutes, the entire city was wiped off. The
only thing left there was dirt and gravel. Immediately after, the Death
Walkers mysteriously vanished.
Not much is known about these demons, except from the vague
descriptions gathered from satellite images. The Death Walkers are
well over 7 feet tall, heavily armed with sharp claws and teeth, and
weapons indescribable by any human language. They move like
trained soldiers with combat experience and seem to possess an
incredible ability to dash at hypersonic speed. Their bodies are
immune to bullets, grenades, melees, missiles, and explosions. They
are assumed to be soldiers who act on the instructions of said leaders
in the tesseract.

Governments worldwide have declared a state of emergency. Russia,
China and the USA took a unanimous decision to attack the Tesseract
with their nuclear arsenal, but in vain. The tesseract couldn’t be moved
from its position even by an inch. This is when NASA revealed that
they had received a message six months ago from an unnamed source.
“Stop sending out messages, or they might hear you.” All the efforts to
destroy the capsules have been unsuccessful.
Researchers are trying their best to understand these alien beings. The
only conclusion that they could reach for the attack on Tokyo was that
it is (or rather used to be) the world’s most populated city. The capsules
were being closely monitored. However, despite best efforts, two
weeks ago, the capsules in Delhi opened and wiped out the city within
15 minutes, yet again, leaving no survivors. Since the President and the
Prime Minister were taken to a secret location beforehand, the country
remains in a state of emergency, but with a fully functioning
government. A week ago, Shanghai was attacked with the same tragic
However, during the attack on Sao Paulo 5 days ago, Chinese
reinforcements arrived and were able to fight off the invading forces.
The Chinese government disclosed that they had succeeded in creating
a secure facility around an isolated capsule and had managed to capture
a single Death Walker. Since the facility was made not only to hold this
beast but also to block any frequency from being transmitted, this death
walker had not vanished. Scientists were then able to construct special
ammunition capable of penetrating the Death Walker’s skin. These

Chinese weapons were then shipped out immediately. Yet, this victory
was short-lived as two days ago, during the attack on Mexico City, the
advanced weapons did not affect the death walkers. They seemed to
have evolved.
This led the scientists to believe that their genetic makeup was altered
by the devils in the tesseract and that the death walkers were actually
birthed within the capsules. There is nothing known about the beings
in the tesseract. Even their intentions are unclear. They refuse to make
contact, just inflict destruction. Since the capsules are virtually
indestructible, scientists can’t study them. At the moment, there is
nothing that can be done except to wait. Wait till another death walker
is captured and can be studied. The only advice for the civilians is to
sharpen their ears, open their eyes and when the time comes, run for
their lives.

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