God Save The V12s

By: Athul Bhardwaj

Lamborghini officially made the one announcement I’d been dreading for a long time, the discontinuation of their flagship V12-powered Aventador. A start button straight from a fighter jet, a body that was so sharp it could cut a diamond, bold and menacing looks backed with a V12 engine that bellowed out the sound of the gods. It was one of the greatest cars of this generation and a true icon of motoring. It all began in 2012 when the beloved Murcielago was at the end of its life cycle and a successor was to be appointed. The Aventador, named after a bull as was the tradition at Lamborghini, showcased some of the meanest and sharpest looks a car had ever given. And that was just from the outside. Dive inside, and it was every bit the modern supercar anyone could envision, with creature comforts and a very cool heads-up display. It was love at first sight for many including me. That car was the stuff of dreams, it was incredible, it was mind-blowing, it was the pinnacle of Italian engineering. I had the fortune of stumbling upon an Aventador back in 2015 when I was out for a regular drive with my cousin. I couldn’t miss those arrow-shaped taillights making a turn and I just had to go after it. I simply could not contain my excitement and disbelief when we finally caught up to the Aventador. It was as magnificent as I had dreamt and more and for those 5 minutes, I had my gaze completely fixated on that incredible machine. Sadly that was the last I saw of the Aventador until earlier this year, when I had the pleasure and excitement of catching up to an Aventador S with a Nero Pegaso paint job (who knew black could soon any cooler), this time on my bike and with myself at the wheel. And I experienced the same emotions all over again, and again, and again for every instance that I could feast my eyes on those 1.5 tonnes of Italian brilliance. The owner of this Aventador S had the goodwill to invite my friends and I over to his beach house to click pictures of and with his prized possession. It was one of the best and most memorable days of my life. Just being able to get pictures and look around a Lamborghini Aventador, it was just so phenomenal. Fast forward to June when that Aventador had found a new home and was due to be out and about for a late-night drive. After nearly 2 hours of waiting and deciding to leave, we heard a very familiar rumble from inside. That rumble was the cold start of that glorious V12. The anticipation grew, and those menacing LEDs soon turned the corner, and the Aventador just ripped the streets apart leaving behind dust and a car enthusiast’s favourite type of music; its engine note. More of the same ensued throughout the drive, mixed in with hysterical screams of excitement and disbelief at how one car could be so unbelievably good-looking and sound so spectacular. About a week ago, the Aventador having found yet another home was going for a morning run, this time accompanied by a fellow Lamborghini, a Nero Noctis(yeah just another shade of black) Urus. Now, this was a true representation of how an Aventador should be driven. Completely ripped apart the streets, flooring it on every strip of empty road available, and just altogether revving it unnecessarily much to our glee. Remember the hysterical screams of excitement and disbelief? Yeah, this time it was a lot more hysterical and totally worth it. So yeah the Aventador just has a really really special place in my heart and its discontinuation was just really heartbreaking and sad for the entire car community. Words cannot do justice to this incredible car but I just wanted to pay tribute to this magnificent machine and bid adieu. God Save The V12s.


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