Are soft skills hard?

By: Dinesh Bhandari and Sanjit Talluri

The STS class is popularly regarded as the most hated class. You’re taught stuff you already know or could’ve figured out on your own eventually. But no, you must be capable of answering these mind-numbing questions in a matter of seconds, else you may not get the job you’ve worked so hard for over four years in VIT.

And of course to get through, you’d need nothing more than common sense and some basic maths. However, these people will convince you that what you truly need is the twisted formulae they came up with. But ehn you think about it, the people who likely didn’t get placed are trying to get us placed. Isn’t that ironic?

The class isn’t a sprint, it’s a fifty minute long marathon. Endurance matters, unless your faculty is chill, in which case you’ve already crossed the finish line since the class started. Let’s face the reality, neither do the students nor do the faculties want to be there. But both sides have no choice. One would expect some peaceful resolve to this predicament in the form of a compromise from both sides. The problem is that neither want to.

It’s not a matter of hating what has been taught; we’re indifferent to that. The hatred is for being forced to waste your time in these classes thrice a week. We hate the fact that someone else has the power to make us spend our time somewhere we do not find any meaning. If you look at it closely, if you do not find your courses interesting, this is what is happening in all of your classes, just soft skills is a way more evident example. This is a pattern that can be seen in any other subject as well but those subjects are tougher and hence creates an illusion of meaning while it just being a facade. 

Of course this is assuming that you do not find your subjects or classes meaningful or interesting, but isn’t that a fair assumption to make for most of us?

Okay, so now that we have ranted the same rant that everyone does, what do we do about it? We wish we knew. The best you can do is make your life outside of classrooms meaningful enough to distract you from what’s happening in there.


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