Self-reflection on the Ego

By: Ayush Kumar Choudhary

We have all been through phases where we don’t know why we feel sad or gloomy, and similarly, we have also experienced times of happiness. Even though it’s not really us who want to be sad or happy or feel those emotions within us, there is something that compels us to experience them. It does not ask for our permission; on the contrary, it’s just out of our control.

For example, when we see someone we know succeed, we feel something within us, maybe a voice. We can observe clearly that there is something within us that is not at ease now. Similarly, if someone we know fails, the same kind of conflict or buzz can arise within us. This phenomenon has been experienced by our ancestors, older generations, and us. It’s called the Ego (with a capital E).

It’s something we are born with, and it is inevitable as human beings not to have it. But then the question arises: what can we do? How can we get rid of the buzz it produces or how can we minimize its control over us? The one possible answer is to OBSERVE THE EGO or GIVE IT SELF-REFLECTION.

One thing that ensures the ego’s continuation is its great weakness. It is not the ego’s strength that enables it to continue, but its great handicap. What is that handicap? The ego has no power to observe itself. The ego cannot self-reflect. If it had the faculty to observe itself, it would simply collapse.

Therefore, we can try this out: OBSERVE YOUR EGO. When we observe clearly what exactly is going on with it, we can see the falseness and deceitfulness of it. We then come to the realization that how irrelevant and needless its existence is. We can see how it makes itself indispensable and how far from reality it presents itself. It makes us forget our journey and the significant moments of our life and only highlights specific things or matters in front of our eyes and attention.

It is right at that moment when our problem solves within no time. Because the ego has seen itself, it has seen its face and now has nowhere to hide but to just collapse. And then we can realize the truth. When the ego is out of the picture, what remains is the opportunity to have self-knowledge. To know ourselves better. The ones who know the least about themselves would be the ones who live the longest. And then to know life better alongside.

We can then experience ourselves at ease. We can go deeper to know ourselves in a much more humble way possible and then go for self-love as well, which can take us to achieve great things in life. So observe your ego. Take some time out and sit with yourself. Spend time with yourself. Observe reality as it is, and then observe the ego, and you will definitely find a pattern. And that’s it. Through this self-reflection, it just vanishes away. We can then come out from the complexities of life and emotions. We can then come out from this trap or maya and know ourselves and reality in a more profound way.

Hope we all do ourselves this favor.


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