By: Ayush Kumar Choudhary

I set out on a journey for you,
To find you among the rest,
But things got unclear and unsure,
So I built a bridge from east to west.

I waited at the bay with longing,
Yet, let’s say, the day was done.
In this vast sea of sand,
You painted mirages in the sun.

As I sank in shifting sands,
You took my oars, headed to land,
By the bay’s edge, where I lay,
Breathing out, I called it a day.

Tired and weary, I’m worn,
You can go, explore the morn,
Chase treasures on your own way,
Warm sands invite me to stay.

Watching sunsets from the bay,
I embrace the night, no delay.
Mesmerized, I have no fear,
I trust destiny, the path is clear.

I am content, at peace within,
Beginning a journey, new and thin,
It’s time to leave this familiar bay,
For everything else, I bid goodbye today.


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