The Day you Left

By: Vaishnavi S

You rowed back to us,
But the sea was angry,
Waves were wild,
And you struggled.

We saw you coming closer,
But then a big wave
Took you away
As we watched you drown.

We searched for you so hard,
We could hear and sense you,
You weren’t far,
But we couldn’t see you.

You never said you were leaving,
You never said goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it,
And only God knows why.

The sky cried with us that day,
Rain poured down,
As if even the heavens knew,
You belonged here on the ground.

If tears could make a path,
And heartaches build a way,
We’d walk to heaven’s gate,
To bring you back today.

We all started walking together,
But you got lost on the way,
We waited so long,
But you never came back.

We still hope you’ll find your way,
Follow the light we keep,
And rejoin us someday,
For we’re still waiting, love runs deep.

In life, we loved you so,
In death, love continues to grow,
In our hearts, you’ll always know,
No one else can fill your place, that’s for sure.


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