Coping up with COVID

Everyone is in a phase that they completely lost hope and are stressed due to the record-breaking numbers of COVID cases. Everyone seeks a ray of hope and something to look forward to. Something that made the lockdown a little easier is movies and social media content. It gave me a warm hug and something to look forward to. Here are some movies/series/podcasts that you might like.


Having to choose among all your childhood fantasies sometimes narrows down to just either having to be practical or brave. Also, not all the times are both the things same. That’s when you need to listen to just you and yourself only. Is it as easy as I’m making it sound? Am I sugarcoating something which would probably harm you but you need to know anyway?

Spiraling Away

Did you know? Sadness is the most long-lasting emotion of all.
In a world of perputual hustle, it is also the most common emotion. People say, if you try hard enough, you’ll you be fine or that time will heal sadness, but is that really true?

If 2020 Had Been A Normal Year

The lives of people all over the world have taken a 180° turn in just a few months times. Our humdrum existence in the past has turned into fond memories. Is the pandemic fear going to dictate our lives forever or will we revert to the relatively predictable lives we had grown accustomed to?

I Wonder When

This pandemic, has changed our lives forever. In every way possible. And only hope and love can help us sail through these turbulent times. So keep the hope alive, and spread love!

What After?

Ever thought about the post-pandemic world? Will the normalcy be restored? How will you define normalcy now? Or will the way we perceive the world around us completely change? How would the global powers kickstart their economies?Read on to find more