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The Elastigirl


This is not about the movie Incredibles. I repeat this is not about the movie Incredibles. 

Now that that’s clear, I wanted to confess something. Not that I am flexible (cough, cough)  


I’ve been feeling quite invincible lately. Not the cocky or arrogant type, but the one that’s been motivating me to try out new and different things. Yesterday afternoon, I solved math problems on my own. That’s a pretty big deal to me. After that, I composed a dance routine to one of my current favorite songs. Which led me to buy a very weird-looking bucket hat. How are these two facts connected? I just thought that the dance would look better with the hat. Then, obviously, I kept scrolling and found a pair of jeans appealing. Something else you should know about me is that I find jeans horribly uncomfortable. Maybe because I’ve not felt very positive about my body. But when I looked at those pants, I was like, “Chuck it, I can rock anything I wear.” 

Yeah, and it gets even crazier after this. 

I tried drawing and then painting the “thing” I drew. This was the peak of my invincible feeling because it’s one of the known facts about me that I’m terrible at drawing. I’ve actually been asked what I was attempting to draw when I was “tracing” out a leaf.  

That’s not the point here. 

I was just thinking that maybe the fact that I’ve accepted the fact that I’m awesome however I am drove me to this feeling. Or maybe I’ve actually realized that, indeed, other people do have lives and they’re not thinking about me. Any aspect of me. So, I can just wear, do, eat, and be however I like. 

I don’t know where I’m exactly going with this, but I’ll keep going on because I need the word count.  

Oh, have I not mentioned that I’ve thought of becoming a stand-up comedian because lately, I’ve been watching a lot of stand-up comedies by various people? When I said this out loud and my brother laughed at my face right away, I became sure that I was meant to be a comedian. Then I realized that my extended family or the society wouldn’t be laughing at my jokes, but at ME if I went through with the idea.  

That invincibility chipped a bit. 

And after this thought, I was sure that my brain had bid adieu. I was thinking of becoming a “foot model” who would be showing off exceptionally large-sized footwear with designs that are not available after a particular size, you understand? But then I realized that I’d have to actually take care of my feet. Regularly get pedicures and stuff. And the train of thought went off the rails. 

What I had concluded, and this is a sane decision, is that first of all, stop underrating yourselves. And secondly that, whatever “peculiar” ideas your brain might come up with, just think it through. Because being engineering students, we all know so much about so many other things that seem very tempting than actually ending up as a legit engineer.

That’s all for the “Trash or Ted Talk?” today, guys. 

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The Cash Premier League

Author: Aaditya

The Indian Premier League just ended this week, with Royal Challengers Bangalore finally winning their first title. Now, there is nothing left for the world to see, and the BCCI has decided to discontinue the Indian Premier League. (Read: Virat Kohli announces IPL retirement.)

However, the Board did acknowledge that the absence of the IPL would leave a huge crater in the cricketing calendar, and will render many cricketers jobless. To avoid that, the BCCI has announced the possibility of the Cash Premier League (CPL). 

This is just a tentative idea, and the rules and format are still a little unclear, but it is rumoured that this event is extremely simple to follow.

The following was tweeted by the Board president, with respect to the event: “Think you’re rich? Invest in the Cash Premier League.” This has increased confusion among fans and prospective investors, because the IPL was also announced by a similar tweet: “Have money to waste? Buy Royal Challengers Bangalore.”

More details regarding this event are expected by the end of this year, but will most likely be announced earlier – knowing Indians and their punctuality track record. 

Expert cricket analyst and revolutionary politician, Gautam Gambhir has speculated that the event would involve people stacking cash in piles to no particular end, and Mukesh Ambani getting richer. “It’s a mind blowing idea,” commented Gambhir. 

Well of course, there will be more to come and more to witness in the coming times.