A Tale Of Two Nights

Loud noises of the Gypsy Jeeps were echoing in every alleyway. Alleyways stuffed with people as far as the eye could see. While most of them were rushing to listen to The Man in White speak, a few seemed to be making their way out of the crowd, almost as if they were looking for something precious that they had just lost. Pandemonium. This was the only possible way to describe the night, right in the middle of which was a young girl.

Crack of Dawn

So many nations have suffered due to terrorism. Terrorism is not a challenge to a nation, it’s a challenge to humanity.
The National Anti-Terrorism Day is commemorated on the 21st of May to mourn the loss of former Prime Minister, Mr Rajiv Gandhi in an assassination. This day helps us understand the importance of unity, harmony, peace and humanity is what brings us together and emphasizes the importance of combating terrorism

Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai!

Holi, the festival of colour and rejoice. A festival where people come together, keeping their grudges aside and forgetting their caste, religion and gender to celebrate the festival together. It is the festival that turns everyone into blank canvases, ready to be coloured by our friends and family.

Current Political Scenario of India

The new farm laws have instigated numerous controversies and unrest. Republic Day incident and the recent media uproar due to the involvement of international celebrities are not only the threats to the spirit of democracy but question our very beliefs – Is our democracy too weak?