A sociopath, an arrogant bloke, a mind bending psychopath, but most importantly an extraordinary detective. In this piece, dive into the lore of Detective Sherlock Holmes, his companion Dr. Watson, and the creator of both characters, all the novels and their intriguing stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Arundhati Roy presents her characters as they are, with all their uneven edges and rough textures. Everyone is reduced to their crude humanity, stripped down to their naked, imperfect morality. She makes the reader jump from hate to love to sympathy, all in the span of a single page. The reader’s heart is almost a puppet in her skilled hands and she masterfully tugs the right strings every single time. She evokes every emotion in the spectrum and in the end, you’re left with a flood of empathy. You’re not going to find any black and white characters in these pages.

The Stoic overflow

Silence is a feel-good way to spend some time when you are upset, but not until you start suppressing your agonies and hardships. This is when you become a stoic. You think a million times, overthink and rethink before you say something. And by the time it starts choking you, you’d regret not having expressed it earlier.

Conspiracy Theories That We Wished Were True

Wasn’t there a time (or multiple times if you’re really awesome) when you wanted to craft your own conspiracy theory and wished that it were true? Or was there a time when you came across one and dearly wished that it was the reality instead? Well, same pinch! Because we have theories that we wished were true. Why not read and find out which ones?

Making Meaning Out Of Madness

Sure we all find conspiracy theories intriguing and what fascinates us more is how they all have patterns, making them more appealing. But did you wonder why is that is and how these theories are crafted to achieve that? What mind games do these conspiracy theorists play with OUR mind? Unravel these answers as you read our piece. Happy unraveling!

Mandela Effect

Has it ever occurred to you that you remember an incident or thing differently than it actually was, and believed adamantly in the former memory you had, and ended up in an argument just to find out that you were tricked by your own brain to believe something different? Well, sorry to break it to you folks… you are dying. Well, that’s a fact. But jokes apart, what you witnessed was the Mandela effect. Allow us to walk you through some fascinating theories in this piece.


“There is an understated struggle lying in the underbelly of every single day, and the seconds that go into wading through that river aren’t worthless”

Sometimes life feels utterly stationary and the lack of movement makes it seem like that is all your future holds too. Feeling as though you are living life doing tiny insignificant things that don’t matter because you can’t seem to do anything else. Well, if this is a problem you face, I’m here to offer you some perspective and tell you that it might not a problem after all.