A sociopath, an arrogant bloke, a mind bending psychopath, but most importantly an extraordinary detective. In this piece, dive into the lore of Detective Sherlock Holmes, his companion Dr. Watson, and the creator of both characters, all the novels and their intriguing stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Coping up with COVID

Everyone is in a phase that they completely lost hope and are stressed due to the record-breaking numbers of COVID cases. Everyone seeks a ray of hope and something to look forward to. Something that made the lockdown a little easier is movies and social media content. It gave me a warm hug and something to look forward to. Here are some movies/series/podcasts that you might like.

Female Phantoms

“In any case, ghosts are unusual among movie monsters in that they’re more often female than male, perhaps because their origins lie in the Gothic romantic tradition, which so often features haunted houses, madwomen in the attic and sinister nocturnal goings-on. It’s a particularly female branch of the horror genre, but appeals to male viewers as much as to female ones since it subverts the conventional view of woman as a passive, obedient creature and supposes that the angry, violent, retributive urges suppressed in life may emerge after death in twisted malevolent form.” – The Guardian