Conspiracy Theories That We Wished Were True

Wasn’t there a time (or multiple times if you’re really awesome) when you wanted to craft your own conspiracy theory and wished that it were true? Or was there a time when you came across one and dearly wished that it was the reality instead? Well, same pinch! Because we have theories that we wished were true. Why not read and find out which ones?

Mandela Effect

Has it ever occurred to you that you remember an incident or thing differently than it actually was, and believed adamantly in the former memory you had, and ended up in an argument just to find out that you were tricked by your own brain to believe something different? Well, sorry to break it to you folks… you are dying. Well, that’s a fact. But jokes apart, what you witnessed was the Mandela effect. Allow us to walk you through some fascinating theories in this piece.

A Queer Eye-Fashion and Influence

Fashion has been a forum of expression to dismantle the otherwise eschewed flaws of the LGBTQIA+ community. Queer fashion is opening new possibilities, a change from the contemporarily held beliefs. The best part about the concept is that it’s limitless, ungoverned by conventional binary restricted norms. The LGBTQIA+ community has also become increasingly vocal on social media and have made their presence felt. The community is forging ahead with the intent to fulfill their ambitions, which is to create a level ground for everyone to play in unison.

England’s Rose

Diana Spencer was one of the most famous, influential, and controversial leaders of the 20th Century. She was a magnificent human being, loved by everyone for her selfless and down-to-earth attitude. Her death broke the hearts of millions of people, and everyone demanded justice for her untimely accident. But to this day, she has not got the justice she deserves. Will she ever, and will we ever know the truth?