Self Love is Underrated

May has been celebrated as the Mental Health Awareness month, though I wonder why this isn’t promoted throughout the year. We live in an era where mental health is often neglected; people grow frustrated everyday and they don’t know the right steps to help themselves. Living your life in negativity will not do anything productive for you. Hence this article, which aims to encourage you to love yourself more and find the long lost happiness again.

Our Personal Hells

We hide our emotions behind lies and live fake lives on social media, maybe you will relate to this poem about pain and remember the hurt and feelings you have buried.

The Great Indoors

Given Theme: Write a persuasive essay on the topic: Introverts are the biggest blessings to this planet.

An introvert appreciation post dedicated to those that like to stay in, but bring out the best in us and why they are indeed, the most excellent of people

That Damn Pesto Spaghetti

People who love to eat are always the best. However, you can’t beat people who love to cook. Whether you are someone experimenting with cooking this quarantine or someone who has always had an unwavering penchant for cooking, this blog is for you all.


There are such situations when life takes a toll on us. We all face such moments in life when things don’t work out. It may be a failure, heartbreak or just some inner struggle. It is almost as if life is mocking us. This poem dwells into such times and reminds us that things do work out in the end.

Operation Mincemeat: Fooling the Nazis with a Cadaver

Operation Mincemeat was a ghoulish deception operation carried out by the British during World War II to turn the tide of the war in the Allies’ favour. Though it has been lost in the annals of history, this single ingenious operation was instrumental in squashing the Third Reich’s conquest and power.

Dear Best Friend

New places . New people. That’s great.
What can go wrong? Nothing until you realise what you had before you came. Missing friends is a very normal thing. It happens to everyone at least some point in their life. What hits harder is you not being able to say it out loud. Thinking that maybe they don’t miss you the way you miss them. Thinking that maybe they found people better than you.

Miseries of Migrant Workers

Quarantined? At least you’re sure of surviving it. However about 37% of our population are not. Lockdown is crushing the poor working class and labourers. The schemes being rolled out by government just can’t seem to put an end to their woes. Read on to find more…