The Sting

By: Adya Bhalla Arvind dreamt up swarms of bees. He continued to do so for months after he had been […]


By: Shatakshi Mohan ‘I’ll be alright,’ I said because I have pals, and yeah, I am fine. Do I get […]


“There is an understated struggle lying in the underbelly of every single day, and the seconds that go into wading through that river aren’t worthless”

Sometimes life feels utterly stationary and the lack of movement makes it seem like that is all your future holds too. Feeling as though you are living life doing tiny insignificant things that don’t matter because you can’t seem to do anything else. Well, if this is a problem you face, I’m here to offer you some perspective and tell you that it might not a problem after all.

Hindsight is a Gift

Unconditional love is so difficult to give and receive. I look back and realize that so many people over this year have loved me, silently, quietly, in their own way.