Is Honor Such A Big Deal?

You know that something is wrong when anything takes over humanity. But we, the 21st century people, have become a direct victim of the same. So as to specify, I am talking about honor killing. Why is it a big deal? Are we also guilty of being there?

The Worldly Praise of Kamala Harris Worries Me

The fight is to attain gender equality; not to topple the patriarchy to make room for a matriarchy. The fight is to attain race equality; not to topple the white supremacy to make room for a black one. That would be just replacing one injustice with another. As we fight all the injustice in the world, we may have just forgotten that.

The Reluctant Time Traveller

I’ve always thought that if I’d have had the chance to go back and start again at some point, I’d be able to live my best life. Well, maybe I could, or maybe I could remember why this life was already pretty good.

Because We Need to Live in A Society

Often we end up changing our whole personality just to be accepted by the society. We need to stop doing this to ourselves because we don’t deserve it. Everything we do, everything we say is beautiful in its own way. we are special, trust me on this. So let them burn in their own jealousy.
Don’t try to fit in when you are born to stand out.
Stay you, stay weird.