Having to choose among all your childhood fantasies sometimes narrows down to just either having to be practical or brave. Also, not all the times are both the things same. That’s when you need to listen to just you and yourself only. Is it as easy as I’m making it sound? Am I sugarcoating something which would probably harm you but you need to know anyway?

The Reluctant Time Traveller

I’ve always thought that if I’d have had the chance to go back and start again at some point, I’d be able to live my best life. Well, maybe I could, or maybe I could remember why this life was already pretty good.

Acceptance of a Broken Moral Compass

We live in a world where our broken moral compasses are being accepted more often than not so we don’t bother repairing them. The more we delay tending to our broken morals, a bigger part of our identities gets lost. Soon we’ll turn into a group of uninspired beings with only one goal in our minds – to beat the rest