Curse of a Werewolf

Some lucid dreams escalate our childish imaginations by mirroring reality in the most horrifying ways, bringing forth new monsters of lore. After all, this must be how the myths that birthed monsters were first created by the writers, right? One such creation are the werewolves. What does a werewolf’s curse actually entail, the ability of being able to turn into a wolf or the ability to turn others into a monster just like them? Read in this poem, what the Curse of a Werewolf meant for a lonely young girl…..

“I Think I’m Paralyzed”

John Irvine said “Of all the things that you choose in life, you don’t get to choose what your nigtmares are. You don’t pick them; they pick you.” What he didn’t say was that some of them leave moldering fingerprints all across your day.

The Escapist

A nightmare doesn’t seem like such a bad idea if you think of it as an roller coaster thriller you can tune out of, and also when it is the only time you’re truly living while stuck in the cage that is a mundane life.

A Different Mission (Part 2)

On this Father’s Day, read this story about a soldier who decided to hold a sword in one hand and a pen in another. He continues his hobby of writing, which was contrary to his profession and uses this delicacy as his strength to unlock new chapters in his life.

Our Personal Hells

We hide our emotions behind lies and live fake lives on social media, maybe you will relate to this poem about pain and remember the hurt and feelings you have buried.