All I Want for Christmas… is You!

Relationships are not easy to handle, especially when you’re living 500 miles apart and haven’t seen each other for almost a year. But however cliché it may sound, there are times when you miss your partner or loved ones and their warm presence. This one’s for all the couples who are counting days and seconds to meet their loved ones.

The One As One

Knowing someone is not about sharing interests and hobbies; it is about being a matured version of ourselves in our own head first and then striking a conversation. Look out for someone who wants to know just the ‘you’ in you.

A Different Mission (Part 2)

On this Father’s Day, read this story about a soldier who decided to hold a sword in one hand and a pen in another. He continues his hobby of writing, which was contrary to his profession and uses this delicacy as his strength to unlock new chapters in his life.