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The Moon, of course, is Always There


The moon, of course, is always there–

This was a writing prompt given to me by a friend, over a year ago. I was feeling bored, and wanted some inspiration to write something, so I asked them for a writing prompt. And they gave me this. A *little* procrastination later, I’m finally doing something with that prompt. 

The moon, of course, is always there– except when it’s not. 

Everyone knows about the phases of the moon. How it waxes and wanes as it goes from the new moon day to the full moon day and back. 

Back in the tenth grade, we were discussing some poetry or prose in my English class, I don’t remember which. During the discussion, our teacher threw a random fact at us. He said that in literature, women are often compared to the moon, and men are compared to the sun. He said that this is because women menstruate, and are “unavailable” (sexually, I assumed)  for a few days when they do the way the moon becomes “unavailable,” and that men are like the sun, as they are available all year round. For some reason, him saying this stuck with me, and I still occasionally think about this. At the time, I wasn’t educated enough about gender, so I didn’t correct him by saying  “not all women menstruate and not everyone that menstruates is a woman.” I probably should’ve once I became educated enough. 

The moon, of course, is always there– except when it’s not– floating around in the night sky. 

Ever wonder how the moon and moonlight became a symbol of beauty and elegance and whatnot. It’s literally just a large rock orbiting the earth (another larger rock, but significantly more beautiful than the moon.) And, it doesn’t even have its own light. It just reflects light from the sun. If a human did something similar, one would call them a charlatan, or unoriginal. Why then, do we praise the moon?

I sometimes feel that humans forget this about the moon. Or, they tend to purposely ignore it, just to remain oblivious. Or maybe to look for meaning in something that doesn’t really have a lot of meaning.

Is that the case with just the moon, or is it like that with everything?

(It does look beautiful though, shining brightly in the night sky. A sight to watch.)

The moon, of course, is always there–

But WHAT is it that is there? Is it just this large rock floating around in space, or is there some sort of a spirit or a moon god residing there? Is it Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Moon and the hunt? Is it Chang’e, the Chinese goddess, voiced and portrayed so perfectly by another goddess, Philippa Soo, in the movie Over the Moon? Is it the Hindu moon god? Or is everything just a series of myths proliferated by our society, in our endless mission of giving meaning to things that don’t really have a meaning? Does anything have meaning? What is the point of existence? What is the point of anything? Sorry, got a little carried away there. But I think you’d have gotten my point by now. 

Also, if there is some spirit, how did they feel about the moon landing? Random quacks walking over their surface. Was the moon landing even real? Or was it just a hoax, as assumed by so many people? Why would NASA try to scam so many people by saying they sent astronauts to the moon when they hadn’t? What was their motivation? And if it was a hoax, was Neil Armstrong living a lie for most of his life? 

The moon, of course, is always there– but one day, everything comes to an end. That day could be tomorrow, it could come in a month, in a year, in ten years, a hundred, or maybe after a million years. I only wonder, would everything be better or worse when that happens?

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Live in the moment


Have you ever thought of what will happen to all your dreams and goals when you die? All the places you wanted to go, all those trips you wanted to go on with your friends, and all the other things you wanted to do. Where will they all go? You will never know. Because you won’t be there to try and achieve them. It is really good that you have your future all planned with all the things you want to do. But you never know what life has in store for you. It can be good or bad. Living in the present sure has its pros and cons. One major advantage of living in the present is the fact that you don’t have to bother about what happens in the future. Not that you do not care about what happens in the future or that you don’t care about the repercussions of your present deeds. It just means that your mind is free of all the things that may or may not happen in the future.

This is especially very true for people like me who tend to think a LOT about things that may happen in the future and get shit scared about stuff that has a 0.001% chance of happening and do not look at the better outcomes which have a higher chance of happening. I tend to believe in the worst that can happen and keep my expectations low regarding any future event. This has sometimes clouded my judgment and thought process which has affected me very adversely when making decisions about stuff that matter at the moment. This can also bring out the frustration you feel about something that you think is going to happen in the future (say, a bad outcome in a test you gave) at the wrong time and on the wrong person.

This in no way helps anyone and is counterproductive. One solution to this is to stop thinking of things that may happen in the future. We can surely prepare and brace ourselves for things which we can control to some extent, like a VERY difficult test that is scheduled sometime in the near future, by planning ahead. But certain things like exam results or the fear that you may get infected in the global pandemic and damage your lungs to an extent that you may not be able to take part in the cardio heavy activities you always wanted to do. The 140.6-mile Ironman you always wanted to finish will remain a dream. The 1000Km bicycle ride you dreamt of going on in your 12th grade will remain a dream.

So what do you do? What can you do about the uncertain future? Nothing. You just have to live the moment. The 140.6-mile Ironman may not be possible in the current situations but what you can do is a 42.2K run. A 1000Km bicycle ride may not be possible with the fitness and equipment you have right now. Maybe try for a 100Km ride or even a 70k. Slowly reach the goal. But do not waste your time and energy dreaming about a shiny and happy future. The future is never happy. Life keeps surprising you and the surprises are not always pleasant. If you keep thinking about when to start, no time seems right to start.

What I want to say is, the future is not in your control. Sure, you can plan all you want but no one can say what is going to happen in the future. Who knew 2020 was going to be all at home and who knows what 2021 is going to be like? Act on your plans and live in the moment because you can never live the same moment twice. 

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is yesterday and the other is tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.”

~ Dalai Lama

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Powerlessness and other Things


“I don’t know what to do……”

“What should I do?…”

Such sentences often come into our minds when we have something that pains us and we seem powerless against it. Powerlessness is most certainly a horrible feeling. When you see things happening right in front of you. Wishing you could change it so bad or at least make it a bit better than it is.

You wish and you wish so strongly with all your might to be able to make a difference only to realize that all your prayers and efforts don’t make a difference. It’s like you can see your own hope and faith slowly slipping out of your hands and instead of falling to the ground, you can feel it falling in an endless pit shrouded with nothing but despair. The frustration is nothing less than painful. It plays with your mind and makes you feel so tiny and useless, to say the least.

Sometimes, you keep all these struggles inside yourself, hoping time will be your knight in shining armor and save you from everything. We all know time is usually too slow. People say that time heals everything. In those times though, it sounds like a lie. Like you have to fight it all on your own and all by yourself. After what seems like endless fighting you standstill. You start to hope that if you stop reacting to it, it will just go away. You bear with it and keep bearing with it till you break and then the words become more frantic echoing in your mind muddling it further.

“I don’t know what to do!”

“What should I do!?”

Now that you have had enough. Everything starts to pour out. You start to cry. Whether it is your eyes or your mind or your soul or your heart it doesn’t matter. Some part of you starts to cry.

Maybe it’s just a cry to let everything go or maybe you are screaming with all your might.

Maybe you want someone to come to you and save you from all of it even though you aren’t saying it out loud.

At times like this…..

It is okay to not do anything.In fact you shouldn’t do anything if you have already tried and can’t.

Rest yourself a bit.

Take some time to yourself.


Rely on someone. It is perfectly fine to ask them to stay with you longer than usual. Have a mental breakdown if you feel the need. It is okay to leave whatever is bothering you to someone else. To ask them to sort it out for you. Be it the matter itself or your feelings. Sometimes, you need someone else more than anything and that is fine.

At times like this….

It is fine to wait to make your move.

To be afraid of what will happen.

To think or maybe overthink if you are an overthinker.

To be afraid of every move you make and do things at your own pace.

Once everything settles…..

It is okay to realise that it was something small and easily solvable.

It is okay to realise you could have handled stuff in a better way.

It is okay to realise that nothing could have been done all along.

It is okay to realise that you were entirely in the wrong or totally wronged.

It is okay to realise that you were only confused and that it made everything worse.

It’s okay….

Sometimes all you can do is feel powerless and then let time help you see the real picture and make you realise what it all was.

But once it all settles…

Don’t be bothered by it again.

Let it go.

Forgive yourself and anyone involved.

Thank the ones who stayed with you throughout.

Show gratitude to the ones that helped you get through it.

Once everything settles though…

I want you to know.

You did your best.

You did great.

You are still loved and as long as you try to set things right with sincerity.

Whatever happened and however things went down is not just your fault.

Whatever happened doesn’t mean you are any less than you were before and that you deserve all the happiness that comes your way after it.

Love yourself even after everything happens. It is very important.

Powerlessness will go and how you grow from it all depends on you.

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C’est l’amour


Number one: I often find myself beginning my pieces with warnings and disclaimers. But I have no choice. So here goes. 

Disclaimer: this piece has been written by a miffed teenager, a teenager with whom the love gods (or other higher powers) have not been the kindest. And I cannot stress this enough: I’m pretty sure I don’t know what I’m talking about. (TL;DR – I’m perennially single)

Number two: I assume you’d have translated the title by now. If you didn’t have to use the internet, that’s great, honestly. I’m genuinely happy for you.  

With that out of the way, I would like to finally start this piece, with two extremely impactful quotes:

“Love is like oatmeal. It sustains you.” 

“Everything is garbage. You find something you care about, and it’s taken from you – your colleague, your dream job, your mango yogurt. Never love anything. That’s the lesson.”

These quotes are by a wise, unsmiling man named (Captain) Raymond Holt, who describes himself as ‘good at emotion.’ 

I’ve been thinking of what to write in this piece ever since I literally begged my good friend and colleague to allow me to write this ‘Valentine’s Day’ themed piece. I don’t know why I did that. I guess it was just an impulse. It was something that I had to do. I really do hope I’ve done justice with this. 

There are two kinds of love. Simply put, one is garbage, and the other is oatmeal. 

The garbage one is a capitalist scam. This ‘love’ is the entire reason that Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in the States. It is this kind of ‘love’ that warrants largely cheesy stuff, such as enormous teddy bears that serve no real purpose and just take up space, chocolates with fancy wrappers that taste worse than faeces (no, I don’t know the taste myself, I’ve just taken some creative license and assumed that the taste of bodily-reject is bad), things shaped like hearts that aren’t supposed to look like hearts, or even titling your pieces, that have been written almost entirely  in English, with French words. This love, at the risk of overusing the term, is plain garbage. In no way am I saying that over the top, glamorous love has no place or purpose, it’s just that this form of expression of love shouldn’t become the default. The love that works on manipulation, gaslighting, miscommunication, and other such ‘entities,’ that I needn’t specify. It is this love that is glorified and often fetishised by many books, movies, sitcoms and other popular media. And when I say popular media, I mean POPULAR media. It is this love that has popularised the ideas of  ‘you complete me,’  or ‘I would die without you.’ In many ways, this love talks the talk, but cannot walk the walk. It is this love that brings the expectation that someone who loves you should drop everything they’re doing and just…. Love you.

Enough said about the garbage love. On to the oatmeal one. 

(Another?) mini-disclaimer: I find it very difficult to go ahead with this part of my piece without using some clichés or ‘gooey’ language. So I apologise for that in advance.)

Now, the oatmeal love. It is this love that truly fills your heart and all your insides with warmth. It’s a largely minimalistic love. It includes the love between parents and children, between two best friends, or even very close friends. It is this kind of love that brings a wide grin to your face when you see a particular text the first thing in the morning. This is the love that keeps you running, especially when the days are a little gloomy or tough. This is the love that makes you happy when you talk to someone, even when you’re thousands of miles away from them. This is the love of happiness, contentment, joy and other such ‘entities,’ that I would be happy to enlist, but then we don’t want a very long piece do we? It is this love that brings dedication for something – things other than people. This love really does sustain you. 

Have I been rambling? Perhaps. I do not know for sure. Please do let me know if I was rambling. I’m sorry if I was rambling, I didn’t intend to.

The ending to this piece is going to be just as weird as the beginning. For ABSOLUTELY no reason, I’m going to end this piece with lyrics from an Eminem song (Tragic Endings, ft. Skylar Grey from the album Revival):

In my moments of weakness

I openly admit the shit I wouldn’t normally

Peace out.