All I Want for Christmas… is You!

Relationships are not easy to handle, especially when you’re living 500 miles apart and haven’t seen each other for almost a year. But however cliché it may sound, there are times when you miss your partner or loved ones and their warm presence. This one’s for all the couples who are counting days and seconds to meet their loved ones.


Everyone in this world faces bad times. Bad times mess with our heads, make us feel incompetent. It makes us want to be alone, away from others. People turn to themselves for companionship and moral support. But we must remember that bad times don’t last FOREVER. It is just that one moment that changes everything for us. That one person that helps us stand up.
But there is always that one place that we never want to go back to.

Girl in the Mirror

“I used to look in the mirror and feel shame, I look in the mirror now and I absolutely love myself” Drew Barrymore, This poem is from when I got tired of the girl in the mirror and before i fell in love with her.

How Are You?

Depression is a state of mind and not a joke. The only solution is to talk about it and share. Depression is normal and everyone can deal with it

Dear First Love

Searching for a pattern, seeing a broken heart in new love, Why do we let old hurt ruin present happiness. A letter from a girl who found love again, and is still haunted by her last great love. She is looking for hope that perhaps this time she will not run from her happiness.

Coping with Loss

Death seems like something so far away, we all know it is inevitable yet we have this vague confidence that it is not going to happen to us, not today, not anytime soon.
Mitch Albom said, “Death ends a life, not a relationship”. I didn’t quite understand it until now. This is a piece remembering my Grandfather. The greatest man I have ever known.
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