Because We Need to Live in A Society

Often we end up changing our whole personality just to be accepted by the society. We need to stop doing this to ourselves because we don’t deserve it. Everything we do, everything we say is beautiful in its own way. we are special, trust me on this. So let them burn in their own jealousy.
Don’t try to fit in when you are born to stand out.
Stay you, stay weird.

If 2020 Had Been A Normal Year

The lives of people all over the world have taken a 180° turn in just a few months times. Our humdrum existence in the past has turned into fond memories. Is the pandemic fear going to dictate our lives forever or will we revert to the relatively predictable lives we had grown accustomed to?

The War between Emotions and Logic

Sometimes our emotions let us down and make us take steps we shouldn’t. We often don’t ponder upon the fact that a bad situation isn’t the final outcome; we can always rise if we have faith in ourselves. If you struggle to keep a cool, calm and collected head amidst all life’s problems, then do give this article a read.