Endangered adolescence

By: Vaishnavi The implausible wishes of an adolescent,Riding on Unicorns and cuddling dolphins,While their peers, tantalising them,Unaware of the fact […]

Reminiscing the School Epoch

Since there is no existence of transtemporal time, all we have left with us is a bunch of memories, be it a snap, a memoir or music, all evocative of the bygone days. School is one such place which zealously preserves all of it and does reminisce us of blithely days. If there be any juxtaposition between school and college, for me school conspicuously has an upper hand!

The Archive of Cartoons

This quarantine gives us a chance to travel back and revisit our past, the good old days of our childhood and lie the simple life we lived back then. But it is sad that w won’t be able to experience the most fun part of it all- watching cartoons. As awe reminisce those memories, let us get to now more about how cartoons evolved.

To A Social Media Life

It is incredible how the internet is changing people’s lives. Despite all the beneficial aspects, there is a debate on whether it has a good influence on individuals or not. As kids, we did not know the concept of “showcasing ourselves.” We were living in our dreams, creating a mess wherever we went. Those were the best moments of our life. Our life was nothing less than a roller coaster. But every ride comes to an end. And so begins our new life of lazing around with our friend, social media.

Dear Best Friend

New places . New people. That’s great.
What can go wrong? Nothing until you realise what you had before you came. Missing friends is a very normal thing. It happens to everyone at least some point in their life. What hits harder is you not being able to say it out loud. Thinking that maybe they don’t miss you the way you miss them. Thinking that maybe they found people better than you.