Dear Death

Losing someone is the hardest thing someone can go through. Even if we know they are long gone, their memories always stay with us and the hole they leave behind is impossible to fill. I recently lost my grandmother and I dealt with it the only way I knew, by writing. I wrote a letter to death, with all my complaints, deep sadness and a hope that she is in a better place.

Dear First Love

Searching for a pattern, seeing a broken heart in new love, Why do we let old hurt ruin present happiness. A letter from a girl who found love again, and is still haunted by her last great love. She is looking for hope that perhaps this time she will not run from her happiness.

Sorry for Our Loss

What makes a person decide not to fight anymore? Is it suicide or murder when he finally gives up? So when society loads the gun and hands it to her, can we really blame her for pulling the trigger? For everyone who feels lost, and everyone who doesn’t understand, i hope the next time someone screams for help, we wont scream wolf.

Love a Detriment

All is fair in love and war, but do you sacrifice your desires, dreams and freedom for love?? And as you battle each other to keep the love alive, you have to wonder if it is the poison or the elixir of life.

Our Personal Hells

We hide our emotions behind lies and live fake lives on social media, maybe you will relate to this poem about pain and remember the hurt and feelings you have buried.