Dear Rock-Headed Adults

We all can agree that our elders are more experienced than us. But is that enough to let them consider themselves as ‘Mr./Mrs. Know-It-Alls’? Is that enough to make them look down upon our struggles? I think it’s high time they listen to our words.

Because We Need to Live in A Society

Often we end up changing our whole personality just to be accepted by the society. We need to stop doing this to ourselves because we don’t deserve it. Everything we do, everything we say is beautiful in its own way. we are special, trust me on this. So let them burn in their own jealousy.
Don’t try to fit in when you are born to stand out.
Stay you, stay weird.

The One As One

Knowing someone is not about sharing interests and hobbies; it is about being a matured version of ourselves in our own head first and then striking a conversation. Look out for someone who wants to know just the ‘you’ in you.