Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s Teachings

From being a Warrior to being a Management Guru, from ‘people’s king’ to the ‘father of Indian Navy’, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja has pulled off every character excellently. Here are some of his teachings that could be implemented for better management.

The Key to The Door of Peace

There are be days in everyone’s life where everything seems to be alright but we are still discontented. You would think that the solution to this is to do or get something, but all your efforts would be in vain as there still would be no peace or happiness at the end of that road. Life is a continuous battle and you will always be stressed about something or the other. If you struggle with the same problem, do give this article a read.

Stayin’ Alive

Finding a reason to go on if you’re tired of what you are doing can sometimes feel impossible. In such mundane times, it helps to cling onto whatever little hope you can derive from how much your life means.

A Child’s Drought

People always forget the importance of what they have. More like, they do not believe in its significance. That is until it is are taken away from them. Somewhere, we all are like children, so we don’t like those who put a collar on us. We hate the rain. It’s like an unwelcomed guest that ruins our time. But once it stops raining, we suffer through the drought and beg for the rain to come back. Parents are like this rain for us. Sometimes they prevent us from doing certain things. It is because they want us to travel on a road where we do not hurt ourselves. We only understand them understand them once we are in their shoes. We only understand them once the rain stops.