Hindsight is a Gift

Unconditional love is so difficult to give and receive. I look back and realize that so many people over this year have loved me, silently, quietly, in their own way.


A never-ending vacation is undoubtedly a dream come true for everyone. It’s an escape from the daily stressful and mundane life. But is this escape from our routine lives, really a dream come true?

If 2020 Had Been A Normal Year

The lives of people all over the world have taken a 180° turn in just a few months times. Our humdrum existence in the past has turned into fond memories. Is the pandemic fear going to dictate our lives forever or will we revert to the relatively predictable lives we had grown accustomed to?

I Wonder When

This pandemic, has changed our lives forever. In every way possible. And only hope and love can help us sail through these turbulent times. So keep the hope alive, and spread love!

The Blame Game

Being stuck at home is hard for everyone. The boredom’s probably the hardest part, aside from all the negativity and toxicity. So, to get rid of said boredom, here’s a fun game to try out. And, guess what? You’re already good at it.

That Damn Pesto Spaghetti

People who love to eat are always the best. However, you can’t beat people who love to cook. Whether you are someone experimenting with cooking this quarantine or someone who has always had an unwavering penchant for cooking, this blog is for you all.

Miseries of Migrant Workers

Quarantined? At least you’re sure of surviving it. However about 37% of our population are not. Lockdown is crushing the poor working class and labourers. The schemes being rolled out by government just can’t seem to put an end to their woes. Read on to find more…