The First Step

“Culture is constantly changing. So what is the point of culture? Culture is about the preservation of continuity of a people. Culture does not make people. People make culture” – Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie.
If a culture prescribes oppression as a means of control, it is time to reject it.
A culture shouldn’t cause fear.
A culture shouldn’t teach hate.
A culture shouldn’t spread anger.
Culture is about preserving humanity, not destroying it.

Self Love is Underrated

May has been celebrated as the Mental Health Awareness month, though I wonder why this isn’t promoted throughout the year. We live in an era where mental health is often neglected; people grow frustrated everyday and they don’t know the right steps to help themselves. Living your life in negativity will not do anything productive for you. Hence this article, which aims to encourage you to love yourself more and find the long lost happiness again.