Silver restrains

I was primed to rationalize the nonsensical, defend the indefensible, and excuse the inexcusable. I kept looking for emotional freedom but realised I was put on the leashes. It can be hard to see what’s best for you when you’re invested in a friendship, even just a platonic friendship. Toxic friends are prisoners to shortcomings that they have no problem being in denial of. 

All I Want for Christmas… is You!

Relationships are not easy to handle, especially when you’re living 500 miles apart and haven’t seen each other for almost a year. But however cliché it may sound, there are times when you miss your partner or loved ones and their warm presence. This one’s for all the couples who are counting days and seconds to meet their loved ones.

Dear First Love

Searching for a pattern, seeing a broken heart in new love, Why do we let old hurt ruin present happiness. A letter from a girl who found love again, and is still haunted by her last great love. She is looking for hope that perhaps this time she will not run from her happiness.

The One As One

Knowing someone is not about sharing interests and hobbies; it is about being a matured version of ourselves in our own head first and then striking a conversation. Look out for someone who wants to know just the ‘you’ in you.

Breaking Down Heartbreak

Human beings are complex creatures. Some of us love fiercely.
What happens when a relationship ends? Nothing teaches us how to deal with the pain and void that comes after. This is an attempt at debunking heartbreak. Nowhere am I trying to depict that this is the universal truth but here is an idea. Or maybe it’s just the ramblings of a heartbroken person. Read on if you’d like.