Escape- Ignorance or Bliss

Reality might be hard to face and escaping it might seem like solace but it is important to distinguish between the two natures of escapism. You must have heard of ignorance is bliss but let’s try finding out what escapism is- ignorance or bliss? Ready to find out?

Star On The Ocean Bed

A person living with extreme depression often loses the ability to imagine a happy future or remember a happy past. Every day is a constant struggle, and he or she may see self-harm and suicide as the only option out. People with depression are often not able to weigh their options properly. If you have any such thoughts please seek help. Here is a poem written from the view of a person experiencing suicidal tendencies.

The Danger of the Story

Stephen King writes ‘Fiction is the truth inside the lie’. He also says that humor is almost always anger with make-up on. But is that make up necessary? Can we as a society no longer engage in conversation truly, with no poetic phrases, no stories, no rhetoric and no lies to hide beneath? Is it possible for us to trade our beautifully worded lies for truths and our stories for the people to tell them instead?


“We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.” – Patrick Rothfuss

We have all learnt to hide ourselves, behind thick curtains, not allowing our true selves to peek through. We have all become actors, worthy of the greatest awards. But maybe we have dwelled so much on weaving these intricate masks for the world to see, that we lost track of what about us is real and what is not.

The War between Emotions and Logic

Sometimes our emotions let us down and make us take steps we shouldn’t. We often don’t ponder upon the fact that a bad situation isn’t the final outcome; we can always rise if we have faith in ourselves. If you struggle to keep a cool, calm and collected head amidst all life’s problems, then do give this article a read.

A Failure’s Revenge

Being called a failure is one of the most terrifying experiences that one can endure. People question why a person failed but they forget to wonder as to what will it take to get them through it. The answer is simple. Taking revenge. But we are not supposed to take our revenge on those who called us a failure, but on those who made us one. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. People need to break out of their shells and face the difficulties in overcoming their past. A man who muses revenge keeps his wound fresh. But while seeking revenge, dig two graves- one for those who called you a ‘failure’ and another for those who made you one.

Champagne Supernova

This was written for a friend when he wasn’t feeling like his best self.
Quarantine has it’s highs and lows. If you’re anything like me and feel uncertain about this whole situation, if you aren’t finding the strength to be super productive and just feeling a little lost in general, it’s okay. It’s tough to be very positive with so much going wrong all around but here’s to hoping that it gets better. Here’s to believing that every day is one day closer to things getting back to normal. Like everything ever, this too shall pass. Read on to remind yourself that you are magical and definitely stronger than the things in life that make you weak.

Self Love is Underrated

May has been celebrated as the Mental Health Awareness month, though I wonder why this isn’t promoted throughout the year. We live in an era where mental health is often neglected; people grow frustrated everyday and they don’t know the right steps to help themselves. Living your life in negativity will not do anything productive for you. Hence this article, which aims to encourage you to love yourself more and find the long lost happiness again.