Disconnected in a connected world

The evolution of technology has definitely helped us to connect with people and even more so during the pandemic. But, even though we have been making more virtual connections, we are somehow distancing yourselves from reality. So let’s address how the overuse of technology can be detrimental and how to strike the right balance.

Female Phantoms

“In any case, ghosts are unusual among movie monsters in that they’re more often female than male, perhaps because their origins lie in the Gothic romantic tradition, which so often features haunted houses, madwomen in the attic and sinister nocturnal goings-on. It’s a particularly female branch of the horror genre, but appeals to male viewers as much as to female ones since it subverts the conventional view of woman as a passive, obedient creature and supposes that the angry, violent, retributive urges suppressed in life may emerge after death in twisted malevolent form.” – The Guardian

Social Dilemma: Why?

Post the social dilemma hangover, the audience is petrified on what are the ill effects of social media, and in what ways can it polarize the users. But are we polarized after the emergence of social media? And what is the cause behind this?

Father Said

Societal and gender norm is one of the root causes of gender discrimination. Every gender is expected to behave in a certain way. In this poem, I talk about toxic masculinity, which harms men as well as society.

The First Step

“Culture is constantly changing. So what is the point of culture? Culture is about the preservation of continuity of a people. Culture does not make people. People make culture” – Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie.
If a culture prescribes oppression as a means of control, it is time to reject it.
A culture shouldn’t cause fear.
A culture shouldn’t teach hate.
A culture shouldn’t spread anger.
Culture is about preserving humanity, not destroying it.

Yes, We Exist

When it comes to CAA/NRC, Assam is the favourite state of all media houses in the country. Now, when the flood-affected state needs their support, the same media takes one step further in alienating the 40 million victims of the disaster. Here is a story of a small family living in the town of Dhubri, Assam.

Dear Best Friend

New places . New people. That’s great.
What can go wrong? Nothing until you realise what you had before you came. Missing friends is a very normal thing. It happens to everyone at least some point in their life. What hits harder is you not being able to say it out loud. Thinking that maybe they don’t miss you the way you miss them. Thinking that maybe they found people better than you.