Disconnected in a connected world

The evolution of technology has definitely helped us to connect with people and even more so during the pandemic. But, even though we have been making more virtual connections, we are somehow distancing yourselves from reality. So let’s address how the overuse of technology can be detrimental and how to strike the right balance.

The Stoic overflow

Silence is a feel-good way to spend some time when you are upset, but not until you start suppressing your agonies and hardships. This is when you become a stoic. You think a million times, overthink and rethink before you say something. And by the time it starts choking you, you’d regret not having expressed it earlier.

Good On Paper

Frankly, everything looks quite good on paper. A 10 – year old girl plans her perfect wedding on the back of her notebook only to realize it’s too fancy for her family. A 16 – year old mustered his courage to confess what he felt on a piece of paper, but got beaten up in the school’s backyard. A 25 – year old writes a perfect piece of “resume” to land his dream job but ends up losing this opportunity to his friend. A 32 – year old finally writes a letter to his parents that he is coming home only to find out they are no more. But paper is not reality. What we want to be and what we are two different things. The only option we have is to accept it no matter what happens.

Happily True

It’s the International Day of Happiness!! You guessed its right, it’s a day to be happy. What is true happiness? Do we always feel truly happy or do we show a facade of happiness so as to satisfy society?

Is Honor Such A Big Deal?

You know that something is wrong when anything takes over humanity. But we, the 21st century people, have become a direct victim of the same. So as to specify, I am talking about honor killing. Why is it a big deal? Are we also guilty of being there?

The Worldly Praise of Kamala Harris Worries Me

The fight is to attain gender equality; not to topple the patriarchy to make room for a matriarchy. The fight is to attain race equality; not to topple the white supremacy to make room for a black one. That would be just replacing one injustice with another. As we fight all the injustice in the world, we may have just forgotten that.

Dear Rock-Headed Adults

We all can agree that our elders are more experienced than us. But is that enough to let them consider themselves as ‘Mr./Mrs. Know-It-Alls’? Is that enough to make them look down upon our struggles? I think it’s high time they listen to our words.