We’re not so different, You and I

War brings out the worst in humanity.
Yet, tis’ but the season to be jolly.
Christmas time is meant for people to come together in harmony and celebrate.

Here’s a fictional anecdote of a true story from WW1, about a ceasefire observed on Christmas Eve’.


“History is written by the perspective of the victors”-Winston Churchill.
We’ve all been raised to believe that in the World Wars, the evil Axial powers were defeated by the good Allied forces.
However, to a soldier who just tries to serve his country best, there is no difference between right and wrong, just their side and the opposition.
Here’s a story nearing the end of WW2 from a Japanese POV.

The End of War

When a war ends, millions are left behind dead and those who survive, lose everything in it. Its unjustified when a conflict has a possibility of being solved through discussion and is still raised to a point where war becomes necessary. The merciless killing of innocent people, which leads to endless tragedy, is inhumane and not worth anything ever. The wise solve the issues and the stupid fight. Everyone loses in a war. War is not the solution, instead it worsens the situation till it becomes impossible to come out of unscathed.