Survivor’s quest

“If I had foreseen Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I would have torn down my formula in 1905”, stated Einstein. It’s impressive how the unquenchable thirst for vengeance and authority could drive humankind to unimaginable extremes. The bomb attack at Hiroshima and Nagasaki exemplifies it. What’s more impressive is the glimmer of hope which humankind still opts to hold onto and overcome the caused catastrophes.


There’s this poem on Pinterest which says, ‘when the doctors cut me open, they’ll find a churn of black longing’. Most days, it feels like the black hole inside me swallows everything I throw its way. But never itself.

From Platinum To Taupe

I do not know how it feels to be hungry, to not know where that little amount of money will trickle in from next. I know not how it is to live without the assurance of a roof over my head, a barrier to keep me warm on a cold night. What will I be willing to give up in the name of survival.


There we were, three ordinary teenagers, standing in the middle of something resembling a labyrinth, lost and famished. Hopes of reaching home eventually waning. How did we even get ourselves into this? More importantly, how are you gonna escape this?

“I Think I’m Paralyzed”

John Irvine said “Of all the things that you choose in life, you don’t get to choose what your nigtmares are. You don’t pick them; they pick you.” What he didn’t say was that some of them leave moldering fingerprints all across your day.

The One Last Lap

My mind was in a semi-dream state, didn’t even know why I was moving. On the other hand, my body was going through such agony. There was some instinct in me which told me to keep moving on. Not knowing that I was destined for something greater that evening. I guess somethings just happen because they are best for everyone.