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The End of War

Author: Pragya

Standing motionless and still, scathed with countless wounds 

Carved not only on their bodies but into their souls forever,    

And millions lay on the death bed, a river of blood surrounds

The empress of death sauntered the lands, lying in pain whoever.

Some struggling to get up, their knees trembling with not only pain but fear

 Of the loss that beheld them then, as everything faded into dust and dirt  

Others caught in a catatonic stupor, couldn’t handle a situation too severe

Children crying endlessly into this terrible night, none left unhurt

Was the destruction, the suffering and the soul-wrenching agony and affliction

Worth the desire to prove who’s better,

Were the myriad lives that were taken and the myriad haunted nights to come

Worth the desire to prove who’s superior

The bitter truth of the story was

In a war not between nations or kingdoms

But between catastrophe  and humanity

Catastrophe triumphed and humanity lost.

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Author: Pritisha

On a dark day,

Wings of the feathered creatures were taken away.

Hearts devoid of any emotion,

The soul and body wanted to be in the belly of an ocean.

The wounds were still too fresh

Burned and bruised was the flesh.

The next day did not bring upon the break of the dawn.

The birds said they would sleep till the winter was gone.

Life was devoid of the breath of fresh air

Doubtful thoughts and sorrow-embraced despair.

The sun was still set, no twilight, no dusk.

The sun did not rise, but one fine night the moon rose.

There were no more woes

The wounds had healed

And the eyes had dried.

There came a ray of hope

that straightened the slope.

In the silence of the night their chirps were heard

and so were the songs of the bird.

Now we are no more wingless

We are not fragments of souls that are meaningless.