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It Isn’t all Bad or How Bittersweet? - Urvisa Agarwal

Life isn’t always the idyllic picture that many people paint it to be. Sometimes, it’s because life is moving too fast and other times, it’s because we must navigate our way through struggle before we can recognize any silver lining. The truth is that life is a collection of experiences, some of which can fill us with happiness, while others may be bittersweet, leaving us feeling conflicted. Whether we are experiencing these moments for the first time or the hundredth, they can teach us about love, loss, and the beauty of life. A little while ago i had the chance to visit the school I studied at and meet the teachers that taught me. We talked about a lot and in that moment a barrage of memories came flooding back. Back then, I thought college was gonna be the most exciting thing ever and I looked forward to all the things that I was actually going to experience. Little did I know that entering college would have been one of those bittersweet experiences in my life. I’m sure 16 year old me would’ve never imagined that she would end up missing that crusty old class room or that annoying teacher so much. I knew I’d be happy BUT I HAD NO IDEA OF HOW SAD I’D BE AT THE SAME TIME. What I didn’t realize back then was that all the experiences that I had would blossom into memories that I would remember and cherish forever. Every now and then when I’m out with my friends having fun and laughing or just doing some work, out of curiosity I end up thinking that our lives can be divided into different periods, each containing various events and circumstances, some of which may be enjoyable, some unpleasant, and some downright distressing. Despite the range of experiences we go through, every phase serves a purpose in our personal growth and journey, helping us move on to the next chapter of our lives. If you find yourself in a moment of mixed emotions, I’d say the best thing to do is trying to take a deep breadth, stay in the moment and enjoy!!


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