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Movie Review: The Resistance Banker - Aaditya V S

The Second World War, a harrowing battle for power and status, has gifted us countless tales of bravery, courage, and the indomitable human spirit. These stories, recounted by surviving veterans, leave a profound impact on our values today. They remind us to cherish our current circumstances and inspire us to fight for peace, love, and freedom for all.

Set in the Netherlands in 1941, shortly after the Germans took control, “The Resistance Banker” follows the journey of Walraven “Wally” van Hall, a banker at the Dutch State Bank. After a tragic incident involving a Jewish colleague who succumbs to threats from the Germans, Wally encounters a stranger on the streets of Amsterdam. This ex-Dutch marine introduces him to the “Resistance Fund,” a plan to use an existing trust fund to aid families of Dutch sailors affected by the war. Wally, driven by his determination to fight against the Germans despite threats to his loved ones, seeks his brother’s support for the cause.

The film adeptly captures the lifestyle of Dutch society in the twentieth century, transporting audiences back in time. Music director Joram Lursen skillfully employs music to evoke the tensions of the great world war. The film’s lack of vibrant elements resonates with the dark and cold times prevailing in Europe and around the world. The sparing use of background score adds to the seriousness and thrill of the plot, as Wally risks everything to lead the resistance.

Based on true historical events, “The Resistance Banker” unfolds at a deliberate pace, which might test the patience of some viewers until the gripping climax. It’s worth mentioning that the film is entirely in Dutch, necessitating subtitles for international audiences. While the subtitles can be a daunting task for some, they do not detract from the authenticity of the movie, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the story.

Overall, “The Resistance Banker” is an authentic and respectful portrayal of a forgotten tale of bravery and sacrifice. Though it might lack the fast-paced energy and suspense expected by the average moviegoer, the dedication of the directors, producers, and actors shines through, bringing this untold story to life in the most compelling way possible.


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